Security Officers Shot

Hi all , Well its happened again twice two more security officers shot down in cold blood one security officer at 48 years and one security officer at 26 when will this madness end , It won’t not as long as things keep moving along like it has been. Let me say this folks we need to find a way to stop sending our security officers out alone with out a backup, we the security industry need to start making changes it has to start with us the security company owners. I know that times are tough but how much is our security officers lives worth as fare as I am concerned you can’t put a number on it we all need to work towards change  as the dangers change around us.

Look all my friends in the security world I think that before we send our  male and female security officers into harms way we need to take a real hard look at the area in witch our security officers will be posted and if we determine that the risk is to high for one officer then we as owners need to set with the management team of the properties and show them the high risk areas and also show them where and why we need a backup security officer, Remember just because they call properties a gated community dose not mean that its a safe community and we all know that. Well some may say that we have law enforcement for back up well that’s true but remember there in it up to there neck as well they can only come to our ad when e can, Knowing that e work vary hard to get to our security officers as soon as they can we know it all takes time and some times time is not on our side that’s why we need a back up security officer on each high risk property some one to watch our back , I know that means more cost to our client but I say again how much is our security officers lives worth I don’t think we can put a dollar amount on life. Well that’s all I have to say on the subject of the safety of our security officers we will catch up on this subject again soon and please give me your take on the subject.


And hay all “Lets get out and vote” we all need to do our part.


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