Private Investigators – Workmans Comp Fraud

Private investigators get up early to catch workmans compensation fraud.

Private detectives start early and stay hidden to catch workers comp cheats.

How do you catch a workman’s compensation faker?  It takes an early riser and a  plain car. 

Private investigators often set up surveillance by 6 a.m. weekdays outside the residence of an employee suspected of faking an injury or exaggerating how badly he’s hurt.  They watch for inconsistencies with the worker’s reported physical limitations.  Stealth and a ready video camera are imperative.
Investigators have their own ways to avoid being spotted.

Insurance companies hire an investigator to protect themselves.
“You know a single back claim is $100,000 by the time they pay all of the medical parts of it and pay the claimant off and the disfigurement,” said Jim Kent, owner of Claim Research Services, a Tulsa-based company that has seven investigators.

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