Event Security | Major Event Security

Event Security guidelines from the Department of Justice.

Major Special Events Security Guiding Principles taken from this online PDF.

Trident Protection and Investigations provides event security.  The Depart of Justice has information and guidelines used for Major Event Security.  Major Special Events require detailed planning.  Below is a brief overview of the process for planning and managing Major Special Events:

  • Pre-Event Planning: This phase should begin 12-18 months before the date of the event. The lead agency receives authorization, establishes its mission, begins collaboration with other partners to help secure the event, meets regularly with team members and partners, and develops specific security plans and contingency plans.
  • Security Management during the Event: This phase begins just before spectators, officials, crowds, media, and others begin to assemble at the event sites. For some events (e.g., Super Bowl, NASCAR races, conventions), it may start days prior when people begin to gather for the actual event or game. It comprises comprehensive communications, monitoring, and reporting. It comprises ensuring that key operational areas are functioning properly, such as the communications command center, credentialing, access control posts, and more. It also comprises checking on the readiness of field and support areas such as mobile field forces to deal with crowd control, intelligence support, arrest processing, EMS/medical support, and more.
  • Post-Event Activities: This phase, which begins at the conclusion of the event, includes a comprehensive review of the successes and areas needing improvement concerning event security. It also involves accounting for all equipment and other resources used, including paying bills for the security.

A detailed breakdown of these phases is found starting on page 7 of the PDF by the DOJ.

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