Cheating Spouse? Time to Hire a Private Investigator.

Cheating Spouse? It’s time to hire a trustworthy private investigator.

If you think your spouse is cheating, don’t tip your hand. They might start covering their tracks. It’s time to hire a private detective with discretion and one who knows what you need for mediation or the courtroom.

Divorce and child custody is an emotionally charged, life changing event. You need a proactive private detective who can make the difference between a dismal or prosperous outcome between you and your cheating spouse.

Contrary to their TV counterparts, Private investigators blend in with their surroundings. There is even a possibility that the next time you are in your favorite restaurant, there may be an investigator within “ears-reach” of you or observing someone near by. Good private detectives always dress to fit in with the environment and use props that enable them to remain inconspicuous. They will readily adapt to a specific environment, or enlist an associate who may be better fitted for the job.

Trident Protection and Investigations investigators have as much as 30 years experience in the investigative industry and are ready to help you with your surveillance needs. We are licensed in the state of Florida and provide our clients with superior, and confidential service of the highest quality. Contact TridentPI to discuss how we can best serve you. (813) 759-0334 | (813) 222–3488

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