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Infidelity, Protective Services, Event Security, Surveillance,  Insurance Fraud, Child Custody, Child  Support

Tampa Private Investigators. Private Detectives Providing Full Service Investigations, Bodyguard / Personal Protection, Services, and Event Security through out the Tampa Bay Area and Florida.

Services provided by Trident Protection & Investigations, a Tampa Private Investigation firm.

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Private Investigators

Private Detective Our Tampa Private Investigators are highly trained Private Detectives, and ready to help you with your Investigative needs. Our services include Asset Search, Skip Tracing, Background Investigations and Background Checks, Forensics, Video Surveillance, Cheating Spouse Investigation, Child Custody Investigation, and much more. See Private Investigators.

Protective Services

Bodyguard Our Protective Services are based in Tampa, Florida. We specialty services include Bodyguard, Personal Bodyguards, Security Services, Private Security, Executive Protection and Executive Security, Celebrity Protection, Celebrity Security, Celebrity Bodyguards, Elite Security, Employee Security, Child Security, and much more. See Protective Services.

Event Security

Event Security Our comprehensive Event Security enables everyone to enjoy the event. Services include Fair Security, Show Security, Event Management Security, Event Security Services, Special Event Security, Party and Show Security, Private Security, Protective Services, Event Security Guards, Bodyguards, Executive Protection, Corporate Security, and much more. See Event Security.

Please contact us for any of your Florida Private Investigative needs,  Our services include ,Infidelity , Surveillance, Child Custody, Child Support, Insurance Fraud ,  Bodyguard/Personal Protection, and Event Security in the Tampa Bay area, and the State of Fl.

We look forward to serving you .

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